DataSpeeder v1.2 - Quick Start Guide


1 - System Requirements

1.1 Java 1.8

DataSpeeder requires Java 1.8 or higher to be installed on the computer.

1.2 Download DataSpeeder

Go to and click "Download" and use the download form.

You will be provided a link to download the DataSpeeder ZIP file, and you will be emailed a Trial License file "dataspeeder.license".

2 - How to run DataSpeeder

To run DataSpeeder, do the following ...

  1. Extract the DataSpeeder ZIP file to a convenient location.
    Example: C:\DataSpeeder-1.2
  2. Open a command prompt and change to that directory.
    Example: cd C:\DataSpeeder-1.2
  3. Launch DataSpeeder using the command:
    java -jar dataspeeder.war
  4. You will see DataSpeeder start up like so ... followed by a start up log ...
  5. When you see "Started Application in X seconds (JVM running)", the application server is running ...
  6. Open a web browser to http://localhost:8080 and you will see the DataSpeeder home page.

3 - Next Steps

Sample use of DataSpeeder:

  1. Click on the "Demo Movie Application" to see a basic database web application in use.
  2. Sign in with the default account "admin" (default password is "password"), to edit data and view the "Admin Page" for configuring apps.

Please visit the DataSpeeder Support page to see videos and tutorials and ideas and how to use DataSpeeder.

4 - License Files

Your DataSpeeder ZIP file contains a temporary trial license which enables DataSpeeder to run. You will also be automatically emailed a copy of that license file.

To view current license details (including expiry date), click "Sign In" to sign in as user "admin" (default password is "password"). Then click "Admin Page" > "License".

Larger and longer temporary development licenses are available on request.

Permanent and renewable deployment licenses are available for purchase.

Please contact DataSpeeder Support at for more info.

4.1 Installing License Files

To install a "dataspeeder.license" file that was emailed to you, copy the file to the DataSpeeder deployment location, and refresh the browser or restart the application.
Example: C:\DataSpeeder-1.2

5 - Contact

We want DataSpeeder to be useful to you.

If you have any questions or something is preventing you from having a positive experience, please let us know so we can correct it for you.


-- DataSpeeder Support,